TOMLOCK is the retrofittable security system for all semitrailers to protect your payload against illegal passengers and break-in.

The patented security system consists of only a few high-grade V4A stainless steel assembly parts. It is very unobtrusive and offers hardly any contact surface area for mechanical action compared with other systems.

TOMLOCK is a purely mechanical system. The handling is simple, fast and requires no special tools. It takes little effort to turn your semi-trailer into a safe. Installation of the security system is carried out at a fixed price by our contract workshops or you can carry out the assembly yourself.

  • Retrofittable security system for all semi-trailers
  • Discreet with maximum security
  • Hardly any contact surfaces for outside interference
  • Protects your payload effectively against illegal passengers and break-in
  • Made from high-grade V4A stainless steel
  • Fixed-price installation by authorized service center (self-assembly is possible, time requirement ca. 1.5 hours)